A good wine must rest in oak barrels

Great Wine at Groot Constantia Vineyards:

Wine Tour, yes please! On a recent visit to Cape Town, South Africa,  we visited the Groot Contantia Vineyards, in Contantia, Cape Town. This vineyard is the oldest one in the Cape and has a proud history, and awards to show for the quality of their wines.

Oak Barrels resting:

While on the tour I took this picture, and I feel it totally gives you the feel of the tour. All this lovely red wine resting in beautiful oak barrels.

Wine Barrels
Barrel of wine resting and maturing in the age old manner

Barrels of Different sizes:

The one thing I did not realise was that the barrels were available in different sizes. From very large to the smaller traditional size barrels. Barrels are also only used 5 times before being retired to make brandy or other spirits.

Wine Barrels
Barrels of wine resting and maturing in the age old manner


Book a tour:

To find out more about this great vineyard or to book a tour visit the web site https://www.grootconstantia.co.za/