Some of our work

  • Work in your pyjamas
    Some days you don’t feel like getting up and going to work. Other days you wonder if you could just go to work in your pyjamas?
  • Closed Gate
    Sometimes in life you will come across a closed gate blocking your path. Well it might be blocking you, but it still makes a great photo. So if you take the time to think about it, take the photo.
  • Art is found everywhere
    Art is found everywhere Art is found everywhere, but sometimes you just need to stop and look. The opportunity to take this photo could not be resisted. The first time I walked past this hockey bag and socks, I unfortunately missed the opportunity. The second time and this time from a different angle, it becomes… Continue reading Art is found everywhere
  • Class of its own
    156 in a Class of its own: Yes, I can say the 156 Metro Cammell is in a class of its own is . While out on a social outing, we found ourselves waiting for the next train on a rather cold snow covered platform. SummaryArticle NameMetro Cammell Class 156DescriptionJust one of the many trains… Continue reading Class of its own
  • Stripping back the colour
    Stripping back the colour: Sometime that beautiful candid photo can do with a little wow factor, so the feature photo here has received a stripping back the colour treatment.