Art is found everywhere

Art is found everywhere

Art is found everywhere, but sometimes you just need to stop and look. The opportunity to take this photo could not be resisted.

The first time I walked past this hockey bag and socks, I unfortunately missed the opportunity. The second time and this time from a different angle, it becomes artistic.

In an instant we now have a bit of art. Not just a pair of socks airing on a fence before a hockey tournament, but a artistic picture that captures the moment. Continue reading

A good Cape Wine must rest in oak barrels

Great Cape Wine at Groot Constantia Vineyards:

Wine Tour, yes please! On a recent visit to Cape Town, South Africa,  we visited the Groot Contantia Vineyards, in Contantia, Cape Town, to sample the Cape Wine. This vineyard is the oldest vinyard in the Cape and has a proud history, and awards to show for the quality of their Cape Wines. Continue reading

Atherstone Motor Show 2017

Atherstone’s very own Classic Car Motor Show took place on the 10th of September 2017.

Took the family into town today to look at some of the classic cars on show, in Atherstone at the Motor show today. The weather was cool, but generally dry with only occasional light showers just to remind you that autumn is on the way. Continue reading