Stripping back the colour

Stripping back the colour:

Sometime that beautiful candid photo can do with a little wow factor, so the feature photo here has received a stripping back the colour treatment.

Not the main photographer:

Photo opportunities present themselves everywhere. I attended a family wedding, at a lovely venue, and being family, not the primary photographer, I managed to sneak a few candid shots. in the feature photo I stripped back the colour in the back ground to create a high contrast photo. This photo really symbolised the great day we had, with the Bride and Groom at the centre of attention.

Original lacked pop:

The original photo was very nice, but the colours of the guest outfits made the couple blend in. I tried increasing the contrast, but that did not work as I wanted. So I started experimenting with stripping back the colour.

Great result:

The result was a stunning photo, that I am proud to hang on my wall. This option is not suitable for most photos, but every now and again it can create a truly spectacular photo from a really great photo. Making the back ground black and white works to focus your attention on the bridal couple.

Photo of the week:

Stripping back the colour
Wedding party in Capetown on a beautiful summers day, with back ground stipped back to black and white

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