Class of its own

156 in a Class of its own:

Yes, I can say the 156 Metro Cammell is in a class of its own is . While out on a social outing, we found ourselves waiting for the next train on a rather cold snow covered platform.

Looking for entertainment I decided to pull out my camera and snapped a few shots of the shuttle train that runs between Nuneaton and Coventry.

Waiting at Coventry Arena Station:

After attending the Rugby between Wasps and London Irish, we had time to kill. In fact we had around 45 minutes at the Ricoh Arena Station in Coventry. Lots of time to catch-up and discuss the game.

The weather the past week had been horrendous. Travel had been disrupted by the “Beast from the East”, and snow still covered the ground. There is only one small train run on the Branch line between Nuneaton and Coventry, so it is a long wait. We watched our train stop and leave from platform 2, on its way to Coventry. It would then return in 21 minutes to platform 1, as the train returned to Nuneaton.

Metro Cammell:

Not being a avid train spotter I took the opportunity snap the local shuttle. I then researched it when I got home.

Class of its own
Class 156 Sprinter, build by Metro Cammell

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Metro Cammell Class 156
Article Name
Metro Cammell Class 156
Just one of the many trains that can be spotted on the tracks around North Warwickshire

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