Twycross lorikeet enclosure a must see

Visit the Twycross lorikeets:

This past weekend I visited the Twycross Zoo, and while being entertained by the Live Bands, playing all the greatest 70’s 80’s and 90’s tracks, I was encouraged to visit the Twycross lorikeet enclosure, by the rain shower that passed over during a classic tune.

Twycross lorikeet enclosure

Once inside the enclosure I could still hear the great music, but was able to get the camera out and snap a few pictures of the beautiful and bright Lorikeets.

If you have children and they love birds then I can recommend this new enclosure at Twycross. You can also purchase a small tub of nectar, that will get you even closer to the magnificent birds. They will sit on you and sample the nectar, allowing you an even closer view of the brightly coloured Lorikeet.

Twycross lorikeets enclosure

To find out more about Twycross and the exciting new exhibitions and events that are planned at present visit


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